After years of temporary rentals, RAW has finally established our own studio! Studio RAW, located at Dupont and Dufferin (Toronto), is a 1700 square foot space currently available for rent to community and arts groups in search of studio space. 

We are currently fundraising to cover renovations, rent, and operating costs. For years, RAW has dreamed of expanding our programming to offer taiko workshops and classes, on top of the beloved Toronto Taiko Festival, to engage folks in our community in more opportunities for movement, reflection, and self-expression. The money from this fundraiser will help us offer sliding scale rental rates to QTBIPOC (queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of colour) arts groups, while keeping our workshop and class fees low.


Please click below to donate to our fundraiser and help make this space into a home for RAW and other QTBIPOC community & arts groups!